3 Horrible Ways to Screw Up Your Career. Learn From These Mistakes

There’s a wonderful title for a book of years ago: “If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat”.

Truer words were never spoken when it comes to making a career change. It is easy to “stay in the boat” as you feel you have control over things there. But that’s a false security. The boat may be leaking, the boat may be going somewhere you don’t want to go. You feel it in your bones when something isn’t right. 

Thinking of leaving the boat: finding work elsewhere? Do yourself a favor and learn from the three biggest mistakes job seekers make. Now bear in mind we’re limited in our scope: we’re strictly talking about folks with 15+ years experience in the medical – healthcare sales markets. Yes, we’re specialized:

1.) Don’t apply for an online position without an inside contact / employee referral. Your qualifications are not enough to get an interview anymore. Of the 200 clients we worked with in the last 12 months, only 1 got an interview and a job without an inside contact / employee referral. We have a nickname for her: Wonder Woman (you know who you are, “Wonder Woman”).

2.) Don’t submit a resume that does not properly brand you. Yup – sounds a bit cold, but we need to make a product out of you. If we don’t? We’ve only written an obituary of where you were and what you did. You are not the same person you were 5-10 years ago. What’s the first thing people do when they join a dating service – do they go on a date? Nope. They fill out a profile = they brand themselves. How in the world will you find the right match if you don’t know yourself intimately? This is branding. You must have it on the resume. You must have it on your LinkedIN profile.

3.) Don’t wait too long. You know that boat you’re in? Think about who you were when you got in that boat – now consider who you are today. You’ve changed haven’t you. Are you happy? Do you enjoy what you are doing? It’s scary to admit it’s time for a change – you have a family to provide for, you don’t want to risk anything. But you know you can do better than this boat. . .and those feelings in your bones whisper: You are not getting younger. 

We’re experts in helping you get on the right boat. A boat going where you want to go. . . no walking on water, no risks. We’ll help you get on the right boat where you can have fun, maximize your income and perhaps even find a boat to retire from. It’s what we do – but note we are strictly for folks who haven’t conducted a job search in a while and want or need expert help.

Services like ours? None. We’re unique ~ just like you. See: MedicalSalesMentors.com 

Think you know the “Unadvertised Job Market”?

It isn’t your imagination – a lot of your colleagues are landing roles in the unadvertised job market. Although the stats of exactly what percentage of jobs go unadvertised are hard to come by, we can at least give you solid data to answer the question “Why” so many unadvertised jobs?

Some stats from the Jobvite 2018 Job Seeker Nation Study. Note this was a survey of 1509 recruiters.

1.) 82% of employees are open to new job opportunities.

2.) 51% of individuals change jobs every 1-5 years; this is up from 42% last year.

3.) 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting.

4.) Why did they leave in the first 90 days? 43% cite their day-to-day role wasn’t what they expected and 32% call company culture a reason for leaving during this period.

Some stats from the Glassdoor report “65 HR and Recruiting Stats for 2018. Note this was a survey of 750 hiring decision makers.

5.) 19% – the average annual overall turnover rates.

6.) 5.2% – the average pay raise for a new role.

Here’s some stats we (Medical Sales Mentors)  found over the last year – bear in mind our sampling is about 200 candidates a year – so we’re a smaller sampling than those above:

7.) 50% – About 50% of our candidates landed a role that was never advertised.

8.) 60 Days – vacated roles are all over the place; companies are not in a hurry to fill them and wait on average 60 days to post the opportunity to the public. And a side-note: a lot of times when our candidates landed a new role that was initially unadvertised, the company then posted the job as (what we are guessing) corporate policy to advertise all opportunities to the public. So don’t be disheartened if you land a job offer and then see your job advertised online.

If you’d like help in your job search, check us out, we’ve been doing this for 21 years, and we’re pretty darn good at it. Our focus? The “lost generation” – those folks with 15+ years sales experience who read the “writing on the wall” that they need to be proactive NOW in their job searches. We are experts at helping you find a role you love, where you have fun, make what you’re worth and perhaps even retire from. Also contact me directly at: mark@medicalsalesmentors.com

The Top 10 Surprises of Job Searching for 2018? Here’s #8: Employee Referral Programs are the #1 Form of Talent Acquisition.

A few weeks ago, we covered Job Searching Surprise #9: Few People Negotiate the Job Offer! This week, Surprise #8: Employee Referral Programs are the #1 Form of Talent Acquisition.

Want to find a great job and have minimal competition in your job search? So do your peers – but 93% of them keep going back to recruiters and job boards and career boards – those tools work, but with dwindling effectiveness. Every week we see this definition of insanity played out: doing the same thing and expecting different results. There is a much smarter path you need to be on– you need to prioritize applying for jobs thru employee referral programs. Here’s why – the latest stats on employee referral programs.

82% ~ the percentage of employers who rated employee referral programs their #1 source for finding great talent and ROI on their labor investment. Source: Career Builder.

55% ~ referred candidates are 55% faster to hire. Source: HR Technologist.

45% ~ the retention rate of referred employees vs 20% from job boards. Source: FirstBird.

69% ~ the percentage of companies that offer cash bonuses to staff referring candidates. Source: Meritage Talent Solutions.

29 days ~ the average referral candidate takes 29 days to place. Job board candidates take 10 additional days, and career site candidates take 16 additional days. Source: FirstBird.

20% ~ statistics show 1 out of every 5 referrals get hired. Source: ClearCompany.

35 % ~ the Why question: 35% of employees refer to help their friends. 32% do it to help their company. 26% do it to be seen as a valuable colleague. Only 6% do it for money and recognition. Source: LinkedIN.

The take-away? If you ran a medical device company, how would you find new talent? Yup. You’d ask your top sales reps who they knew. Chances of you getting a referral that’s a “lemon” – pretty small.

A big surprise in my research on this article – very little mention of what % of employee referrals are for roles never advertised. Based on a sampling of approximately 200 customers per year with our services, fully 50% landed roles that were never advertised. Surprised? In fact that will be our article next week: Top 10 Surprises of Job Searching for 2018? #7: Half of all our customers landed roles never advertised. How did they do that? Stay tuned. . .

Who we are: we help (what I refer to as) “The lost generation” – these are sales professionals with 15+ years experience who suddenly find the “writing on the wall” that their company is soon to downsize. They haven’t looked for a new role in years – they have little time to job search and they don’t have time to make mistakes trying to learn how to job search on their own and they are humble enough to admit they need help. So they invest in our one-of-a-kind services, where we provide new tools and real relationships and a mentor at their side – getting them quickly thru today’s “job search jungle” to the job they love.

And did we mention we brand them first? That’s always our first step – and a key to their success – we’re sort of like a specialized dating service model. See: www.MedicalSalesMentors.com


Who are the Top 10 Medical Device Companies?

Here’s the latest list. Big players all, obviously.

Some sage advice: don’t just submit your resume to them – talk to someone who works there. That’s the #1 best way to get accurate information about the role you are interested in – and know the latest stats on employee referral programs: 85% of companies now have them, meaning: there’s a lot of great jobs out there you can’t see, don’t just aim for the jobs you can see. It’s counter-intuitive, we know.

Percentage of jobs filled now via employee referral programs? 40%.

Percentage of your peers that apply via employee referral programs? 7%.

That’s why 93% of your peers are complaining about their resume going into a “black hole” – this is the new job search game. Play it to win.

mark@medicalsalesmentors.com / MedicalSalesMentors.com

Pssssstttt . . . Know any excellent recruiters?

We’re into an interesting project and would love to get your help. As many of you know we have a one-of-a-kind business model: we help experienced sales professionals land great roles in Medical / BioTech and Pharma sales. So. . . here’s where we need your help. We all know of elite executive recruiters – they are out there and found mostly word-of-mouth. We’d like to know which recruiters you think very highly of – we’d like to reach out to them, introduce ourselves as having been recommended to them by you – and ask them to partner with us.

Some specifics: we want to list the job postings of these recruiters. Right now these recruiters are using fee-based services to get their job postings out to the public. Those services are expensive and of declining value. We want to offer these elite recruiters a NEW, smart alternative to those services. Here’s our 3 competitive advantages:

1.) We don’t cost anything to the recruiter. Nothing: no monthly fee, no referral fees.

2.) We have more candidates. Our newsletter goes out to 18,500 opt-in members. After that newsletter goes out each week, we publish the newsletter on our LinkedIN, which has over 30,000 opt-in followers. The leading fee-based service recruiters use today only has 16,000 members.

3.) We have better candidates. Nearly all of our candidates have 15+ years experience – nearly all are mid-senior-exec level – these are creme of the crop folks. We scrub our lists monthly to assure this quality. Simply put we have the best proprietary network of experienced Medical / Biotech / Pharma sales professionals anywhere – hey, it took us 21 years to get here!

What do we want from the recruiters? We want to put their job postings in our newsletter. We want to feature ONLY America’s best recruiters (Medical / Biotech Pharma) in our newsletter. Can you help us? Please contact us: mark@MedicalSalesMentors.com or bonnie@medicalsalesmentors.com or 888.299.0837.

5 TIPs to Find a Great Resume Writer

So you want to find the role you love and realize part of that journey requires a very good (preferably great) resume. Having written professional branded resumes for the last 21 years, my experience doesn’t make me an authority but at least well informed on this subject.

Here are 5 TIPs to find a great resume writer:

1.) Find someone who specializes in both your targeted industry and the function (role) you are pursuing. About the time you start talking about disease states or IDNs or KOLs or Gallup results, your writer must intimately know the language of your industry and function – this is no time for a crash course in languages.

2.) Find someone who works with your age group. Am I being politically incorrect? Maybe – but the nuances of writing a professional resume for someone with 15+ years experience is a deft touch: you are expressing your unique value – while reducing the chances of an age bias. Is there an age bias out there: too old, too young? You already know the answer to that.

3.) Find someone who knows how to brand you. I know it sounds cold, but you are about to be made into a product. A product is all about unique value today – and unique value into the future. You are obviously not the same person you were five years ago – who are you today? What do you love doing and want to do more of but can’t yet claim expertise in that area (employers will ask: they want to invest in you long-term if you are a star performer). If you don’t brand yourself effectively, guess what? You’ve written an obituary. Just a listing of where you were and what you did.

4.) Some cool publishing credentials would be nice: If you can find someone who has their work published in books at your local bookstore or has been featured in national venues, e.g. WSJ, CNN Money, etc. that’s great. Those folks tend to represent the crème of the crop and were probably interviewed because they were seen as subject matter experts.

5.) Call the resume writer. Ask them for samples of their work and references, preferably references that are recent and live near you. You didn’t choose your dentist or mechanic out of the blue, did you? The resume writer is about to make a profound improvement in your life – do you like them? Do they ask a lot of questions (they should) or do they just go into a sales pitch (they shouldn’t). Show the resume writer your old resume and ask them how they would position you from where you are today to where you want to be. How would they do this while minimizing any sense of a career-change or age-bias, or job-hopping. Tell the writer your concerns – ask how they would remedy those concerns.

Wendy Enelow helped me in my resume-writing career. She is brilliant. Short, but brilliant. And she has this quote about professional resume writing: “The first rule of professional resume writing is there are no rules.”

21 years later, I still say that is true.

If your resume needs lean toward mid-senior-exec level for med sales or biotech sales or pharma sales – or if you are considering a career change into those areas, give me a note and let’s talk: mark@medicalsalesmentors.com