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We are an ultra-specialized JOB SEARCH SERVICE: we help experienced (10+ years) sales professionals land their desired role in medical sales. Our services are paid by job seekers who recognize nearly everything in job searching today has CHANGED – and they want expert help in conducting an effective “stealth” job search: safely “Testing the Waters” for unadvertised jobs in medical sales. In 2016 those jobs were mostly due to vacancies; this year (2017) we see those jobs now due to “growth” as companies hire via employee referral programs.

So – if you are NOT an expert in how to quickly turn a complete stranger into a “trusted inside contact” and you are NOT an expert on creating a branded SEO LinkedIn profile (where 91% of employers find you before they ask for your resume) and NOT an expert on quickly getting into the unadvertised job market, and want to work with someone who will be your experienced job search ally, we are what you are looking for: 888.299.0837.

➟  You spend MINIMAL time in your job search – no more spending hours online submit your resume; you are mostly just going on interviews and informational interviews.

➟ 80% of our candidates land their desired role in 10 weeks.

➟ We discretely promote you within our Proprietary network – which we built over 20 years!

➟ We have 500+ references – they love us and are happy to talk with you.

➟ Our customer demographic: 10+ years experience, seeking a sales-leadership role: Devices, Equipment, DME, Healthcare IT, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals or career-changes.

➟ We overcome age-bias, gaps between jobs, job-hopping perceptions; we transition people from pharmaceutical sales into medical sales, we assure you have a “confidential” job search – your employer never knows you are looking.


“A lot of us in Medical/Healthcare sales have 15+ years’ experience ~ and we know we have a tremendous amount to offer an employer – but we don’t know how to package ourselves – let alone know how to conduct a confidential effective job search.  These guys are like a super specialized dating service: they brand/package you and help you land the “right” role via their own network and new job search strategies. I tried doing a job search – quickly realized time = money and It was taking me far too long to “do my own thing”  – helped me land the right role quickly. If you are an older B2B sales professional at a fork in the road in your career – no one is more qualified to help you land the right role in Med/Healthcare sales”. – K. Williams.


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